General Terms and Conditions

ARISE COWORKING COMMUNITY Terms and Conditions of Use The following Terms and Conditions of Use, hereinafter referred to as the “Terms,” shall apply to all Tenants, regardless of rental term. The Terms are subject to change.

  1. Subject to holiday closure, business hours are defined as 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. **Extended hurs
  2. Tenant shall be respectful and courteous of fellow Tenants, and at no time shall cause unnecessary interruption or noise. Tenant shall not harass, solicit business from, or otherwise disturb or disrupt fellow Tenants.
  3. Tenant may not place any additional locks/bolts, décor, signage or other insignia anywhere in the Premises, including, but not limited to, windows, doors, walls or common areas, without prior written consent from Landlord. 4. Tenant shall not bring any additional furniture unless Tenant is a yearly member and has paid the furniture security deposit.
  4. Any keys, key fobs, or other security or entrance devices provided to Tenant shall: (i) be kept in good and working order, (ii) at no time be duplicated, and (iii) be returned upon the expiration of Tenant’s rental term.
  5. Tenant shall not obstruct any doorways, hallways, stairways or common areas in any way, including, but not limited to, conducting business or storing furniture.
  6. Tenant shall not use the name Arise Coworking Community, or any derivation thereof, in connection with Tenant’s business or business materials.
  7. Tenant shall at no time have more than two (2) guests. Guests of Tenant shall sign in and will be subject to these Terms. Tenant is responsible for the actions of any Guests or Visitors of Tenant. Guests shall have access to internet within the Premises upon payment of additional internet fee by Tenant.
  8. Tenant shall not conduct any business associated with the storage, sale or manufacture of goods or materials.
  9. Tenant shall not store or operate any equipment not standard in an office setting. Tenant shall not use or store any offensive odorous liquids or gases.
  10. No weapons of any kind shall be permitted on the Premises.
  11. No animals, aside from service animals recognized under the Americans with Disabilities Act, shall be permitted on the Premises.
  12. No smoking shall be permitted on the Premises, or within fifty (50) feet of the Premises.
  13. Tenant may use conference rooms upon reservation and payment of conference room fees. Conference rooms must be rented in 30-minute increments.
  14. Tenant shall keep Premises free from waste and debris at all times.
  15. LANDLORD SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGED, LOST OR STOLEN PERSONAL PROPERTY OF TENANT. Tenant shall be responsible for securing his/her own, personal property at all times.
  16. Failure to abide by these Terms shall constitute a default of Tenant’s Lease and shall be grounds for Landlord to terminate Tenant’s rental term.
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